About Us

ngoJECSF was founded in 2013 as youth development initiative a non government organization (NGO) in Nigeria, It was founded to create change and development as at now JECSF has now gathered more attention of people from all walks of life in Nigeria

JECSF believes that the development of African youth will affect the future and sustainability of the environment and the societal level.

With strong motive and concern for the care of Africa’s ageing population driven by ideas and creative thinking and minds of the young generation, JECSF creates solutions to solve the present challenges and problem that are present in everyday society and the future occurrence.

These days, JECSF continues to make a change to the learning resources, development of African youth, talent and creative work, societal and communities development at large.

However, our vision statement cannot be over emphasized but to harness the potential of the African youth in order to:

  • Promote gender equality and established aged care facilities
  • Instigate sustainable environmental practices
  • Combat HIV/AIDS and other preventable disease
  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Rural development and sustainability
  • Climate Change and Temperatures